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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What are the minimum requirements to be a firefighter?
A1.   The minimum requirements are:

    • 18 years of age,
    • eligible for employment in the U.S.,
    • valid (not expired) Texas driver’s license, and
    • high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate.

Q2. What certifications are required to be a firefighter?
A2.  The required certifications are:

    • 1.  Valid Basic Firefighter Certification from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, and
    • 2.  Valid EMT-B certificate from either the Texas Department of State Health Services or National Registry

Q3.  What are the required documents to be submitted by the application deadline?
A3.  The eight required Employment Package Documents include:

Go to:  FIDO Gateway:   http://www.tcfp.texas.gov/home/FIDO_gateway.asp
Select Individual Login (iFIDO)

Enter PIN, Password, and identify the picture and click on Submit

  • 3.  EMT-B certificate from:
  • EMT-B Certificate from the Texas Department of Health Services.  To order a certificate, click  http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/emstraumasystems/formsresources.shtm for Forms and Resources.  Under EMS Certification/Licensure forms, go to Supplemental Forms,  select Wallet Card Replacement. You can request a copy of a wallet card, wall certificate, or both.  If you have questions please call 512-834-6700 for assistance.
  • EMT-B Certificate from the National Registry.  To purchase a duplicate card, click https://www.nremt.org/nremt/about/nremt_news.asp.  Under Quick Links select Purchase Duplicate Card.  If you have questions please call  512-834-6700, press Option 2, for assistance.
  • 4.  Original finger print card. (To obtain, call 1-888-467-2080 to schedule an appointment or go to: http://www.identogo.com; click on Texas; select online scheduling; Select English-begin registration; Enter last name and first name and Click on Go; Select- All Others; Select Option B-Fingerprint cards; Answer next question; Enter zip code to determine closest location. 
  • 5.  Valid Texas driver's license. Click here for information to renew your license.
  • 6.  Driver Record Check (Type 3A).   Click here to order your driving record online.
  • 7.  Criminal history check. Click here or http://www.identogo.com to schedule your appointment for your criminal history check.  
  • 8.  Educational qualifications:
    • high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate
    • college transcript(s), if applicable 

Q4.  How do I know if I qualify for a firefighter position with the District?
A4.  Take the Prequalification Questionnaire.  Click here to go to the Prequalification Questionnaire

Q5.  What are the steps in the application process?
A5.   The steps for the application process are:

    • Review the posting for the firefighter position by going online to the Pflugerville Fire Department website at:  http://www.pflugervillefire.org, and go to Careers.
    • Check the posting for instructions and application deadline.
    • If you meet the qualifications, submit District application form, prequalification questionnaire form, required certifications, and all background documents by application deadline.
    • Provide and maintain contact information such as telephone, mailing address, e-mail throughout the recruitment process.
    • Reapply if you have previously applied for a firefighter position with the District.

Q6.  How many sections are there in the written examination?
A6.  There are three sections for the written examination:

    • Section 1:  Listening Comprehension (ability to comprehend what you have heard)
    • Section 2:  Reading Comprehension (ability to read and apply what you have read), and
    • Section 3:  Mathematics (ability to do basic math functions) 

Q7.  What is the minimum score for each section in the written examination?
A7.  The minimum score is seventy (70) for each section.

Q8.   What is CPAT and why is it conducted?
A8.  CPAT is a standardized (pass/fail) physical fitness test conducted to determine an applicant’s ability to physically perform duties commonly required of a firefighter.  Each applicant must successfully complete the entire CPAT course by the allotted timeframe for each of the eight events. 

Q9.  How many opportunities do I have to pass CPAT?
A9.  You have three (3) opportunities to pass CPAT.  There are two (2) CPAT practice sessions and one (1) test. 

Q10.  What happens next after I have passed the written test and the CPAT test?
A10.  The panel oral board interview is the next step after the written test and CPAT.  This is an interview with three to four officers of the District. The interview usually focuses on interpersonal and verbal communication skills, analytical ability, and the motivation to be a firefighter. 

Q11.  Can I mail my application for the position of firefighter?
A11.  Yes, applications can be mailed to:  Travis County ESD No. 2, Pflugerville Fire Department at 203. E. Pecan Street, Pflugerville, Texas 78660

Q12.  Can I drop off my application package for the position of firefighter?
A12. Yes, your application package can be delivered Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to the address listed above.

Q13.  Does my application package need to include all the required documents by the deadline to be considered for the position? 
A13. Yes, your application package must include all required materials as listed in A3 above.

Q14:  What if my firefighter certification was not issued in Texas, who do I contact?
A14:  To find out if your certification will transfer please contact the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Customer Support at (512) 936-3828 or (512) 936-3826.

Q15:  Where do I go online to check if my certification is active?

A15:  For TCFP certification click here or on weblink, http://www.tcfp.texas.gov/certification/certification_verification.asp and enter your last name.

A15:  For EMT certification from the Texas Department of State Health Services click here or on weblink, https://vo.ras.dshs.state.tx.us/datamart/login.do and Go to License Search, Select Search by Name for a Specified License Type and Select EMT Personnel and enter your name.

A.15:  For EMT certification from the National Registry click here or on weblink, https://www.nremt.org/nremt/about/checkEmtStatus.asp and select State, Enter Name, M.I., Last Name and Submit.



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