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Plan Review

Effective October 1, 2015 The District will be utilizing 2012 IFC codes for inspections and plan reviews concerning occupancies within the city limits of Pflugerville, and 2015 IFC codes for inspections and plan reviews concerning occupancies outside the city limits.


Please submit and pay all associated fees for subdivision, site, building plans, and fire protection systems (including remodels) to Travis County ESD No. 2 at our Administrative Office located at 203 E. Pecan St. Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Alarm and sprinkler plans must be submitted for review, if applicable. Please see below for our complete fee schedule.


For information on inspections, please visit our Request an Inspection page or click here.

Click here to download the Application for Plan Review.     

If you are submitting plans for review within the City of Pflugerville, you must submit your plans to the City of Pflugerville.

Fee Schedule

 Subdivision Plan

 $100.00 per section/phase 

 Site Plan


 Existing Building Remodel 


 Fire Alarm Plan

 $100.00 per building

Acceptance Test for Fire Alarm

 $50.00 per building

Additional Devices Over 100

 $.50 per device

 Paint Booths


 Hood System


Acceptance Test for Hood System


 Fire Sprinkler Plan

 $300.00 (up to 1,000 heads) 

Over 1,000 Devices


Acceptance Test for Fire Sprinkler Plan   

 $100.00 per floor/riser building 

 New Building Plan

 $100.00 + $.10 per sq. ft.

 New Building (Shell Only)

 $100.00 + $.05 per sq. ft.

 New Building (Finish Out)

 $100.00 + $.05 per sq. ft.

Re-test Fees

 First Re-test


 Second Re-test


 Third Re-test


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