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Public Service Scholarship Application


  1. Letter of Interest
    1. Submit letter of interest and the importance of receiving this scholarship
    2. List Personal Data on letter of interest to include:
      1. Name
      2. Address, city, state, zip code
      3. Phone Number
      4. Email Address
      5. Status at time of application, name the high school, and will graduate from high school in June 2017
      6. Identify major area of study in public service to include but not limited to:
        1. Fire Science
        2. Law Enforcement
        3. Public Safety Management
        4. Emergency Medical Services
        5. Emergency Management
        6. Public Health Administration
        7. Public Administration
        8. Criminal Justice or Criminal Psychology or Criminology
        9. Education
    3. State your career objective
    4. Name of College or University planning on attending
    5. Sign and date the letter of interest
  2. Essay
    1. Submit personal 500 word essay describing:
      1. Your goals
      2. Choice of major
      3. Your view on education and what you intend to do with your education
      4. How you will use the $1,000 to pursue a career in public service
    2. Remember to include academic and non academic achievements, personal characteristics, or experience that makes you worthy of this scholarship consideration
    3. Sign and date the essay
  3.  Letter of Recommendation
    1. Submit letter of recommendation addressing academic standing from
      1. School Counselor, or
      2. School Teacher, or
      3. School Administrator


  1. Remember to submit all documents by deadline
  2. The Scholarship Application Form can be found HereIt includes the letter of interest and essay.  Download the form, complete, print, sign, and submit by May 8, 2017.
  3. The letter of interest, essay, and letter of recommendation can be delivered in person or by mail to Travis County ESD No. 2, 203 E. Pecan Street, Pflugerville, Texas 78660. Attention: Public Service Scholarship
  4. For scholarship questions please contact JoAnn Haley at 512-251-2801

If selected for the scholarship, please submit proof of enrollment from a college or university to Travis County ESD No. 2 in a timely manner. 

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