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The Fire Department

The fire department has been serving the community since 1955.  The Pflugerville Volunteer Fire Department was formally chartered and a fire truck in 1955.  In 1985, Volunteers led the effort to form a rural fire prevention district as a result of the rapid growth in the Pflugerville area. Travis County Rural Fire Prevention District (RFPD) No. 3 became a reality with voters’ overwhelming support.  About ten (10) years later, the voters approved the transformation of the RFPD into an emergency services district and Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2 became a reality.

The District

Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2, a governmental entity authorized under Texas statute, is a fire and first response medical provider within Travis County, Texas. The district currently has a population estimated at almost one hundred twenty thousand (120,000) people and covers about one hundred (100) square miles of northeast Travis County.

The District is a taxing authority limited by statute to a maximum tax of ten (10) cents per hundred (100) dollars of property valuation.  The District’s fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30.  The majority of income to operate the District, over ninety-six (96%) percent, comes from property tax and the percent of sales tax approved by the voters. 

The District’s vision is to continue as a financially stable organization that delivers a superior level of traditional and innovative emergency and non-emergency services.  The District exists solely to improve the quality of life, health, and safety of our constituents.  The District will maximize the commonly accepted service methodologies and go beyond traditionally accepted practices to better serve the community.

Travis County Commissioners’ Court appoints five (5) Commissioners who govern the operation of the District. These Commissioners represent a cross-section of the District and meet on a regular basis to determine administrative policy and perform financial oversight.  Commissioners are appointed for two (2) year terms and continue the original spirit of volunteerism that started this organization.  For more information on current commissioners please click here:  http://www.pflugervillefire.org/index.php/the-department/commissioners

Current Financial Information

The District today is a financially stable organization that weathered the recent economic downturn.  The District practices conservative budgeting and fiscal responsibility.  The District has seen positive increases in net position from fiscal year to fiscal year.  The District has managed cash and investments to create a strong current ratio, operational reserves, and holds a very good credit rating.  Because We Care is the District’s motto and it is seen in everything we do operationally and administratively. For more details, please visit our Financial Transparancy Page by clicking here.

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