New PSA Video Features Pflugerville Firefighters

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

A new video features Pflugerville firefighters showing residents just how easy it is to keep their smoke alarms working. Called “Three Steps for Smoke Alarms,” the public service announcement (PSA) video from the Pflugerville Fire Department is available in ENGLISH and in SPANISH. Community members are encouraged to watch this short PSA with everyone in their household, and share it on their social media. The PSA provides fun, helpful visuals in a firehouse setting to highlight the three important steps for maintaining smoke alarms:

  1. Every Month – Push the test button on every alarm, no matter what kind of alarm you have.
  2. Every Year – Change the alarm batteries (unless your alarm has 10-year lithium batteries).
  3. Every 10 Years – Completely replace all alarms.