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Pflugerville, Texas 78660
Administration: (512) 251-2801
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Permit Required

Plan Review & Development Services

ATTENTION!  If your construction project is within the City of Pflugerville, you will submit any SITE plans and BUILDING plans directly to the City, following the city’s submittal requirements. (SYSTEM plans would still be submitted directly to Travis County ESD #2.) To contact the City of Pflugerville Development Services, call 512-990-6300.)

You are required to submit construction plans for:

  1. New commercial structures, which will require submittals of both BUILDING and SITE plans  (SEE ABOVE re: projects within the City of Pflugerville)
  2. Residential subdivisions, which will require submittal of a SITE plan  (SEE ABOVE re: projects in the City of Pflugerville)
  3. Additions to existing structures
  4. Remodel or finish-out of an existing structure  (NOTE: There are situations when we will not require a plan review of remodels/finish-outs; for clarification, please email [email protected].)
  5. All “fire protection systems” to include fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, kitchen suppression systems, and clean agent systems
  6. Storage tanks containing hazardous materials

Prior to submitting your plans to us, we recommend you set a Pre-Submittal Meeting with us to expedite the time needed for plan review. To request a Pre-Submittal Meeting, please email your request to [email protected]

Please review our Plan Review Fees.  Please note there are basic requirements for ALL plan submittals, in addition to further requirements for specific types of plans (site, building, and systems); For information on site, building, and system plan submittals, please call (512) 251-2801.

Go HERE for the step-by-step application and plan submittal process, including the online application and the digital plan submittal requirements.  Incomplete submittals will be returned to the applicant and can delay the review time of the plan being submitted.