Community Risk Reduction

The primary goal of the Community Risk Reduction Section (formerly known as Prevention) is to make our community a safe and healthy place to live, work and visit through the preservation of life—both civilian and firefighter—and property, in that order. We will achieve this goal by following the NFPA Standard on Organization and Deployment of Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement. Based on the Community Risk Assessment (CRA) that the District developed in 2018-19, personnel across all divisions use a strategic and measurable approach to reducing the community’s risks of fire and emergency medical incidents. Some of the current Risk Reduction programs and processes are listed on this page, with several more in development through the CRA process. For more information on any of these current programs, please click on the corresponding button.

To reach members of the Community Risk Reduction Section, please call our main number (512) 251-2801 during business hours and ask for assistance. You may also email us as listed: