Travis County Emergency Services District # 2 (the Pflugerville Fire Department) is dedicated to the training and advancement of all department personnel and the community. We accomplish this task through many programs, including, High School programs, Cadet Academy, Recruit Academy, Paramedic training and continuing education for incumbent firefighters.

High School Programs

Travis County ESD#2 through a partnership with the Pflugerville Independent School District (PfISD) have created an opportunity for High School students to graduate with their EMT and/or Firefighter certifications. These programs allow our organization to give back to the community, to engage and educate young people in the community about fire and life safety skills, while giving an opportunity for the students to enter into the Emergency Services career field directly after graduating.

Cadet Academy

The Cadet Academy is an employment opportunity for citizens within the community who do not possess any firefighting or EMT certifications.   After successful completion of the written exam, fitness assessment and interview process a select few will be offered a chance to complete the Cadet Academy. Through our Cadet Academy we teach and train Cadets the fundamentals of firefighting and skills needed in the EMS field, enabling them to become State certified Firefighters & Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic.

This Program is approximately a six (6) month Academy totaling over 950 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on training. Employees who successfully graduate the Academy will be assigned to a Fire Station to serve the community as a Probationary Firefighter.

Recruit Academy

The Recruit Academy is an employment opportunity for certified Firefighters/EMTs. This Program is six (6) weeks in duration with a total of over 240 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on training. The employees in this academy are already certified through the State of Texas as Firefighter/EMTs so the main focus is teaching the employees how our Department operates and the equipment we use. Employees who successfully graduate from the Recruit Academy will be assigned to a Fire Station to serve the community as a Probationary Firefighter.

Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2 Paramedic Program

Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2 started it’s first in house Paramedic Program (CoAEMSP Program #600893, DSHS Program #600157) in March of 2019. The program consists of a total of approximately 1,486 hours of lecture, skill labs, scenario labs, hospital clinical rotations, field experiences and field Internships. Students are required to complete 240 hours in an Ambulance unit with a minimum of 36 ALS patients. The Program issues a Certificate of Completion upon graduation from the program making them eligible to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) exam. Successfully passing the exam certifies the individuals through NREMT as an EMT-Paramedic. Graduates of the program are also eligible to receive 40 hours of college credit through an articulation agreement with Weatherford College. Students’ complete hospital clinicals in the Emergency Department, Pediatric Emergency Department, Intensive and Cardiac Care Units, Operating Room, and Labor & Delivery with St. David’s Healthcare and the Ascension Family of Hospitals. EMS rotations are completed with Travis County ESD #2. Travis County Emergency Services District #2’s Paramedic program has been issued a Letter of Review by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP Executive Office). This letter is NOT a CAAHEP accreditation status; it is a status signifying that a program seeking initial accreditation has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the accreditation Standards through the Letter of Review Self Study Report (LSSR) and other documentation. Letter of Review is recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) for eligibility to take the NREMT’s Paramedic credentialing examination(s). However, it is NOT a guarantee of eventual accreditation.


Continuing Education for Incumbent Firefighter

Our Department consists mostly of incumbent personnel who require continuing training to stay current with State certifications and up to date with advancements in the fire and EMS service. Incumbent personnel have monthly Fire and EMS training with the majority consisting of hands-on training. Physical, and mental, fitness is paramount within our Department and all incumbents are required to complete quarterly fitness benchmarks to ensure our firefighters are physically fit and ready to serve.

Advancements in our Department require professional development training, certification, and licensure.  The Training Division is certified through the Texas Commision of Fire Protection (TCFP) to instruct a multitude of certification classes that meet the standards set forth by TCFP.

2020 Paramedic Program Outcomes

Paramedic Program with Outcomes CAAHEP Accredited Paramedic Programs and CoAEMSP Letter of Review (LoR) Programs track and report outcome measures annually to the Committee on Accreditation for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP). The most current CoAEMSP Annual Report was for the calendar year 2020.

The most recent success rate for the National Registry of EMT Paramedic/State Cognitive exam was 100%. The most recent positive placement rate for graduates was 100%. Positive placement is defined by the CoAEMSP as ‘Employed full or part-time in a related field and/or continuing his/her education and/or serving in the military’. Positive placement is measured at completion of the program. The most recent retention rate was 100%.

To contact the CoAEMSP Executive Office: 8301 Lakeview Parkway Suite 111‐312 Rowlett, TX 75088 214‐703‐8445 FAX 214‐703‐8992