The majority of expenses to operate the District, over seventy-five (75%) percent are related to salaries and employee expenses.  The District has ninety-one (91) positions approved for the Operations Division and is currently building on Paramedic capabilities.  The District currently allocates about $200,000 for firefighter training during the fiscal year, $350,000 to protective equipment and uniforms, as well as about $350,000 for fleet maintenance and fleet operations.  And the District on average over the last five (5) fiscal years has spent over $830,000 in capital outlay each fiscal year.

Over the years, cost of providing services has increased; however, the number of incidents has also increased dramatically and the District has been able to maintain a relatively stable cost per incident.  For example, during the last five (5) fiscal years the District’s budget has grown by thirty-four (34%) percent while call volume has increased by forty-three (43%) percent.