Home Escape Planning

Fire grows and moves faster than you can imagine. When your smoke alarm sounds, your family could have less than 2 minutes to get out safely! Check out our Escape a Fire flier. We encourage every household in our community to follow these simple steps to plan your escape:

  • Draw a basic map of your home’s layout. Include all windows and doors. For printable planning grids to help you, click here and here.
  • Plan two ways out of every room, in case one way is blocked by fire. The best way is is usually the door, and the alternative is usually a window. Ensure doors and windows are not stuck closed, and that they aren’t blocked by furniture.
  • Agree upon a SAFE MEETING PLACE outside near your home. Pick a place outside in eyesight of the home, but not too close. Examples: A light post, a mailbox, the neighbor’s front porch, the tree at the corner, or the end of the driveway.
  • Always sleep with bedroom doors closed to slow the spread of fire.
  • Make sure everyone knows what to do if the smoke alarm sounds or they see fire or smell smoke. Most importantly, everyone should remember to simply GET OUT AND STAY OUT!
  • If a fire may be occurring, touch doors inside the home with the back of the hand before opening them. If the door is warm, keep it CLOSED and use another exit. If it’s not, use caution when opening the door.
  • Smoke rises, so be ready to GET LOW AND GO! Crawl under the smoke and use a towel or piece of clothing to cover your mouth if needed.
  • Gather outside at your SAFE MEETING PLACE. If you have pets, leave the main exit door open to give them an escape route.
  • Lastly, call 9-1-1, and tell the firefighters when they arrive if anyone (people or pets) are still inside. Never go back inside for anything!

Practice your plan with everyone in the home at least twice a year!  After reviewing your exits out of every room, your safe meeting place outside, and the techniques for touching the door and crawling under smoke, START your practice by pushing the test button to sound your smoke alarm.