School Inspections

Because we care about the safety of students, staff, and school visitors, Travis County ESD#2 fire code officials annually inspect every public and private school in our area on a wide variety of fire and life safety issues.  Violations are documented, and we work closely with school staff and district-level officials to correct any violations in a timely manner.  Questions or concerns about school fire safety inspections can be sent to [email protected]

To support local schools in preparing for inspections and maintaining a safer environment throughout the year, we developed these Fire Safety Guidelines for Principals in ESD2.  As this document mentions, it is not an all-inclusive list of possible violations; it is a general guide.  The fire code official may identify violations which are not stated on this guide.  In addition, the local School District (PfISD or RRISD) may require and enforce standards that are even higher than these minimum guidelines.

The guidelines for principals address fire and life safety issues such as:

  • Artwork and decorations in/on corridors, classrooms, ceilings, doors, and assembly areas
  • Electrical hazards, including portable heaters
  • Storage
  • Unattended vehicles in Fire Lanes
  • Maximum occupant load
  • Exterior doors
  • Dryers
  • Evacuation Drills  (Further information on school evacuation drills is available here.)