Hazmat Inspection

The Risk Reduction Section has initiated a hazardous materials inspection program. The primary goal is to obtain accurate information about locations where hazardous materials are stored and used within our jurisdiction. This information will be distributed to emergency responders which will better equip them to handle an incident involving hazardous materials.

Here’s what you can expect if your facility is requested to participate:

  1. A member from our division will perform a site visit to introduce the program to a facility representative. The Hazardous Materials Information Form will be explained in detail.
  2. After this meeting, a qualified representative from your facility will download the Hazardous Materials Information Form and fill out pages one through three. It is preferred that this portion be documented electronically. The fillable PDF form can be found HERE.
  3. Next, print out pages four and five. These are the maps that will provide valuable information to local first responders.

    Page four is the facility site plan map. General instructions are provided at the top of the sheet. There should only be one site plan per business/address.

    Page five is the facility storage map. This is essentially a floor plan for each building on the site that stores or uses hazardous materials. There should be one facility storage map per building on site. For example, if your business has three separate buildings that each contain hazardous materials, there should be three separate facility storage maps submitted. Additional facility storage maps can be found HERE.

    *Note – On the facility storage maps, please indicate the location of each hazardous material by placing the corresponding letter from the product inventory sheet.

  4. Send the completed documents to [email protected]. After reviewing the completed form, a member from our division will contact your representative to schedule an appointment for an inspection of the facility. During this inspection, we will confirm the information provided and a general fire safety inspection will be performed.

For further information, please contact us at: [email protected].