Candidate Physical Ability Test© (CPAT)

Travis County ESD No. 2 is a licensed examiner for the IAFF/IAFC accepted Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).  The District uses the CPAT as an indicator of physical ability during the applicant screening process.  All applicants must pass the CPAT proctored by the District in order to continue through the application process.  The CPAT is provided at no cost to applicants.  A CPAT certified outside the District will not be accepted.  All District proctored CPAT events meet the strict requirements established by the Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative.

Download CPAT Documents
Please click on the following links to learn more abut CPAT:

CPAT Instruction Video

CPAT Orientation Guide

CPAT Manual

CPAT Prep Guide



Cadet Academy CPAT Dates:

  All Dates are incorporated within the academy. These include Orientation #1, Orientation #2, Practice #1, Practice #2, and Final Test.

Recruit Program CPAT Dates:

Orientation #1: August 5, 2024

All other dates (Orientation #2, Practice #1, Practice #2, Final Test) are performed within the Recruit Program.