Permit Required

Apartment & Hotel Inspections

Our Risk Reduction Division personnel conduct in-depth inspections of all apartment/townhome properties and hotels at least once a year according to International Fire Code 2015 and local amendments. If you have questions about these inspections, call (512) 251-2801 during business hours and ask if either the Risk Reduction Officer Lt. Timmons or Public Educator Allison Strupeck is available. We work closely with each property to help prepare them for a successful inspection, starting a few weeks in advance during an Educational Conference with the property manager and head of maintenance in their offices. This educational conversation covers items such as:

After each inspection, the property has 30 days to fully address all violations to comply with Fire Code. During our visits to each property, we also strongly encourage every manager to partner with us in spreading our educational messages to their residents on basic Apartment Residents Flier (which is also available in Spanish, as well as a version for Senior Citizens), and seasonal topics such as Water Safety and Holiday Safety. CHECK BACK to see whether YOUR property made this year’s list of FIRE SAFETY PARTNERS !

Historically, apartments are the most fire-prone buildings in our community, second only to single-family homes. There are currently 43 apartment or townhome complexes within the jurisdiction of Travis County Emergency Services District 2 (TC ESD2), totaling nearly 10,400 units which more than 13,000 people call “home.” Another 1,800 apartment units at six more properties are now in the development or construction phase. These are in addition to the four hotels currently serving the Pflugerville and Wells Branch area. Statistically, residents and guests of these types of properties face a higher risk of fire-related injuries and death, with the potential for fire to quickly spread from residence to residence or floor to floor, and escape options varying according to the individual’s training and physical abilities and the building’s layout, protection systems and maintenance.